About Us.

We will continue working hard and improving our performance

, and that is why we are the leading trader in CTA(commodity trading advisor) region.

In comparison to the performance of global markets of stocks and shares, as well as the performance of major hedge funds year on year, our performance is among the best .
However, we have never become complacent. We work even harder, re-evaluate our strategies, and hope to do better in the future.
Our Chief Trader has over 10 years’ experience in trend tracking and arbitrage.
For many years, he has been focusing on strategies of absolute rewards.
We understand spot commodities have the advantages for arbitrage. The majority instruments that we selected for trading are spot FX.
Despite of unexpected major economic events, we have outperformed the markets in the past few years.
The appearance of black swans seem more frequent than ever. Thus, the past performance cannot represent the future one. We are very lucky to sail through safely in the market storms in the past few years.
Before you decide to appoint us to manage your wealth, you should carefully consider whether our trading strategy is right for you based on your financial situation.
Whether you are handed over to us for investment, you must remember an important investment concept: past performance does not represent the future results. There is risk in trading.
Our trading strategy is not suitable for retail investors. Our strategy is more suitable for high net worth investors and institutional clients.
If you like our trading results, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Always remember it!
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading FOREIGN EXCHANGE (“FOREX”) , COMMODITY FUTURES and OPTIONS is substantial. Additionally , our accounts is not suitable for retail investors but only for high assets investors and institutions. Welcome to contact us for more information if you like our trading performance. Your sincerely.


Trading Performance.

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Trading Skills.

must match the ability and experience of money management.

Many people think that judging the trend, every trade can be profitable, is a necessary skill for a successful trader, but in fact it is not all.
01. Trend Tracking.

A successful trader must think about a trading system that the trend follows, so that he can stand on the same side with the trend and make sure that he can make more money when the big market comes.

02. Arbitrage Strategy.

The arbitrage strategy can stabilize the trading curve. Such a strategy is very difficult to conceive. Once such a strategy can successfully make a profit in the market, it can make a profit in 99% of various fluctuations.

03. The ability and experience of large fund management.

This is unfair to most emerging traders. It is not difficult to have the ability to judge trends and to develop stable arbitrage in the market. But the most difficult thing is to own the ability and experience of managing large funds at the same time. This need a long time and experienced many baptisms of the Black Swan events, it is difficult to have them at the same time.


Compared With others


Compared with several kinds of financial annual returns last year. The trading results of CTA.Asia is outstanding.
Compared with Hedge Funds , We are at top of 90%
Compared with Other CTAs(Commodity Trading Advisors), We are at top of 98%
Compared with Stock Indexes , We are at top of 96%
Compared With Equity Funds , We are at top of 94%
Compared With Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) , We are at top of 95%
Compared With Global Funds , We are at top of 97%

We won more than 50% on several trading programs last year. You can double check by yourself.

Remind again !

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading FOREIGN EXCHANGE (“FOREX”) , COMMODITY FUTURES and OPTIONS is substantial.


Want to be our clients?

Sorry, it is not suitable for retail investors.

Only for qualified high assets investors and  institutions .


“When I accidentally inherited a large legacy, this big sum of money deeply troubled me. My brother told me that he has invested in CTA.Asia’s programs . Therefore I allocated some funds to CTA.ASIA ,too. Their performance let me very satisfied.”

Michael Lee


“The company I created needs to diversify the investment target. My best friend recommended CTA.ASIA. I was very satisfied with their results last year. Better than many funds.”

Steve Thompson


“The good luck from the sky has made me a big prize. I have been traveling around the world for many years. Last year, my financial consultant recommended CTA.ASIA with me. I am very satisfied so far, maybe I will invest more money in the future.”

Jack Robinson




Welcome to contact us for more information about our trading programs , and we welcome the proposal for a partnership with us, too.